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All stable releases are signed with GPG. For directions on how to get GPG and verify signatures, visit the GNUPG home page.

Download the GPG public key here.

Some browsers mangle the GPG key or won't display it. If you get a blank page for the public key or the .asc file signature, use right-click "save as" or use wget.

Kismet Release

Latest Kismet release is Kismet-2013-03-R1b.

Kismet releases are now based on the Kismet-Newcore code branch! Be sure to read the README for how to migrate to the new code and what has changed in the configuration!

Download latest Kismet code here (sig)

Ubuntu Packages - For whatever reason, Ubuntu has stopped updating Kismet in their repositories.

To add Kismet as a repository and get updates automatically, add the following to your /etc/apt/sources.lst or to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kismet.list:

For Ubuntu Oneiric (11.10): deb oneiric kismet
For Ubuntu Precise (12.04): deb precise kismet
For Ubnutu Quantal (12.10): deb quantal kismet

To add the Kismet signing key (signed by my primary key, available above) to your trusted keys:

curl | sudo apt-key add -

Development Source

The development code is constantly changing. The development code contains the latest bugfixes, card support, and feature enchancements, however it may also change without warning. Devel versions should always at least compile, and almost always run, so they should be safe to use.

Follow the latest development code using Git with:
git clone

Browse the development tree here

Since switching to git the subversion code is deprecated. However if you absolutely need access to the SVN tree, you can still access it at This is no longer updated, get the latest code from git!


The Spectrum-Tools software for the Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer is available from the download section of the Spectools project page here

Related Downloads

Download Net-Kismet perl module 0.04 here


Latest Kismet network record XML DTD is 2005-03 on Sunday, 03-Apr-2005 05:45:04 UTC

Download kismet-2005-03.dtd here

Latest Kismet GPS XML DTD is 2.9.1 on Thursday, 31-Jul-2003 02:48:20 UTC

Download kismet-2.9.1.dtd here