Device views

SSID tracker

The SSID tracker is a phy80211 specific mechanism for mapping SSID broadcast, probe, and response.

A unique identifier is generated from the SSID content, length, and encryption options.

Each SSID is mapped to a list of device keys organized by probe, response, and advertisement.

SSID-based summarization and display

Mirroring the base summarization & display endpoint API, the SSID summarization endpoint is the primary interface for clients to access the SSID list and for scripts to retrieve lists of SSIDs.

The SSID summarization is best utilized when applying a view window via the start and length variables.

  • URL

  • Methods

  • POST parameters
    A command dictionary containing:

Key Description
fields Optional, field simplification
regex Optional, regular expression filter
colmap Optional, inserted by the Kismet Datatable UI for mapping column information for proper ordering and sorting.
datatable Optional, inserted by the Kismet Datatable UI to enable datatable mode which wraps the output in a container suitable for consumption by jquery-datatables.

Additionally, when in datatables mode, the following HTTP POST variables are used:

Key Description
start Data view window start position
length Datatable window end
draw Datatable draw value
search[value] Search term, applied to all fields in the summary vector
order[0][column] Display column number for sorting, indexed with colmap data
order[0][dir] Sort order direction from jquery-datatables
  • Results
    Summarized array of SSIDs