Spectools is a set of utilities for using various spectrum analyzer hardware. It supports the suite of Wi-Spy devices (original, 24x, 24x2, DBX, DBX2, 900, 24i) by Metageek LLC and the Ubertooth. Spectools includes userspace drivers for the hardware itself, a graphing UI built GTK and Cairo, network protocols for remote device capture, and simple utilities for developing additional tools.

Spectrum-Tools was formerly known as Wispy-Tools. Wi-Spy is (c), (tm), (foo) Metageek LLC

Jul 05 2012 - Moved code to Git

Aug 09 2011 - Release of Spectools-2011-08-R1, support for Wi-Spy DBx2, 24x2, and Ubertooth, prettied up some graphics

Apr 23 2010 - Release of Spectools-2010-04-R1, bug fixes and support for libusb 1.0+compat.

Jun 18 2009 - Release of Spectools-2009-06-R1, including support for the Wi-Spy 24i

The spectrum-tools development tree is available via Git.
Download the latest development code using Git with:
git clone https://www.kismetwireless.net/git/spectools.git

Download Spectrum-Tools 2011-08-R1 here

A note to package maintainers: I'd consider spectrum-tools finally ready for inclusion. Note that you will probably have to make changes to the udev rules file to reflect the "privilged usb users" group for your distribution.


Currently, Spectools supports the following hardware:

Metageek Wi-Spy Classiclink
Metageek Wi-Spy 24xlink
Metageek Wi-Spy DBxlink
Metageek Wi-Spy 24ilink

Additional hardware will be supported as time permits and hardware becomes available; Patches and chipset documentation for other spectrum analyzers welcome.


Spectool-GTK 2007-10-R1 user interface