New release: 2022-01-R3

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Kismet 2022-01-R3

Kismet 2022-01-R3 is live!


You can get the 2022-01-R3 release from the Kismet downloads page, where you can get both the source and packages for several distributions.

Changes and Updates

2022-01-R3 is a minor update on top of the updates for 2022-01 and 2022-02, with:

  • Fix UI loading

    Fix loading some UI tabs in some conditions, due to a JS loading race. ADSB map tab disappeared? This should bring it back.

  • Fix some C++14 stuff

    Fix some breakage under C++14 that prevented compilation

  • Add libatomic

    At some point libc split out atomic ops on some platforms; add in a detection for libatomic.

  • Remove local copy of getopt

    Remove local duplicate copy of getopt since all libc seems to have it properly.

  • 2022-01-R3a

    Include the kismet_wardrive.conf in the make install list of config files, no other changes


If you’re looking to package Kismet, have a look at the packaging guidelines.


As always, a tremendous thank you to all the supporters on Github Sponsors and Patreon