Android CloudShark Uploader

Android CloudShark Uploader provides an easy mechanism for uploading PCAP files to either the CloudShark public website or a private CloudShark appliance.

CloudShark is an online implementation of the WireShark packet decoder.

Android CloudShark Uploader is not affiliated with CloudShark or QA Cafe, however they have been very supportive and full-featured support would not be possible if they did not provide a public API.

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How it works

CloudShark Uploader implements a standard Android "Send File..." method for sending PCAP files to the CloudShark service.

Any application which implements sending/sharing files via the standard Android methods can integrate with CloudShark Uploader. It was originally designed to operate with Android PCAP Capture.


Personal Appliances

CloudShark offers private appliances. CloudShark Uploader supports these using the standard CloudShark API.

To configure a private appliance, open the app and chose "Add Appliance". You will need to enter the API key generated for your user on the appliance.

Certificate Pinning

CloudShark Uploader uses a technique called "certificate pinning" to simplify handling of certificates, especially self-signed certificates on personal appliances.

Certificate Pinning saves a hash of the certificate chain for future comparison. Rather than using the trust chain, future certificate validations will check the saved certificate data.

When adding a new CloudShark appliance, it should be done from a known secure network, preferably the same network that the appliance is on. If this is not possible, the certificate signatures should be carefully compared before accepting the certificate.

CloudShark Uploader ships with pinned certificates for the public CloudShark site pre-installed.

If you receive a certificate warning after configuring a private CloudShark appliance, do not simply clear the certificate! Unless you confirm with your administrator that the certificate has been changed, this indicates something bad is happening. If you are on a public untrusted network, do not accept new certificates. SSL man-in-the-middle attacks are easy to perform on insecure wireless networks.

Security & Privacy

Content uploaded to the public CloudShark site is subject to the CloudShark Terms of Service.

Content uploaded to private CloudShark appliances is subject to the terms of service of your company.

CloudShark Uploader does not track or collect data.