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Posted by:jturner
Subject:Recording and review of spectrum data using the spectools
Date:19:04:27 20/10/2017

> > Is it possible to record the data from a USB device (Ubertooth) e.g. using spectool_raw and do a replay of the data with the ./spectool_gtk later ?
> >
> > It would be an advantage to have some time information.
> >
> > I want to use this for a post mortem analysis of the data, for model plane 2.4GHz environments.
> > There are situations some of the pilots have trouble with their models, and we want to have a possiblity to do a kind of rough overview of the radio conditions in this timeframe.
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> > Regards
> > Pulsar
> Ok, I found an similar issue in the forum and the answer was, that only spectool_raw can be used. This can be an alternativ for me.
> The only qeustion is : What is the frequency assignment of the 79 field strength columns

I don't know how the Ubertooth frequencies work, but when using spectool_raw with the Wi-Spy DBx, data can be captured in several different modes using the -r switch followed by the profile number (e.g. spectool_raw -r 1 would capture in the Full 2.4GHz Band (Turbo))

Range 0: "Full 2.4GHz Band" 2400MHz-2495MHz @ 333.00KHz, 285 samples
Range 1: "Full 2.4GHz Band (Turbo)" 2400MHz-2495MHz @ 1000.00KHz, 95 samples
Range 2: "Full 5GHz Band" 5150MHz-5836MHz @ 1.50MHz, 458 samples
Range 3: "UNII Low/Mid (ch. 36-64)" 5150MHz-5350MHz @ 748.00KHz, 267 samples
Range 4: "UNII Low/Mid (ch. 100-140)" 5470MHz-5725MHz @ 1.12MHz, 227 samples
Range 5: "UNII Low/Mid (ch. 149-165)" 5725MHz-5836MHz @ 375.00KHz, 296 samples

Using this information, you know the frequency assignment of each of the field strength columns. Perhaps there is similar documentation on the Ubertooth somewhere?

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