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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet and OpenWRT
Date:15:26:28 15/09/2017

> That sounds just like what I need. I upgraded to the latest LEDE just on the off chance that the 2016 package that LEDE had would solve my problem (it didn't).
> Since the master branch kismet isn't released yet, I assume you're not creating packages. I read through the readme and it doesn't seem like it'd be hard to compile from source on a linux machine but I was going through the process to create a package on LEDE and it doesn't seem trivial. This is a new area for me so if you have any guidance in this area, it'd really be helpful.
> Thanks for helping me out with all of this!

There are makefiles for openwrt/lede in the packaging/openwrt/ directory in git.

The full kismet package for tetra will likely work fine on most lede devices if you've got the RAM and flash space to handle it; otherwise I recommend just compiling the remote capture parts.

There are docs for building for openwrt under docs/howto/ which would be 95% identical for LEDE and other openwrt-based platforms; unfortunately with so many cpu architectures and versions out there custom building binary packages is probably unfeasible; i'll definitely be making a pineapple module for the nano and tetra since they're defined devices & I can keep up w/ their versions.


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