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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet and OpenWRT
Date:23:11:08 14/09/2017

> I understand why you wouldn't want to go back to the old code to make fixes when you're so close on a new code base.
> So how does this remote capture work? Is it like a drone that talks back to a server or is it standalone? Is there new server code as well that receives the remote capture? Is there documentation on how the new architecture works?
> Thanks a ton for the help!

There's a section in the readme for remote capture - but basically you set up a kismet server (linux or osx; linux has been tested a lot more), then either configure it to listen to any incoming connection, or use SSH tunnels to tunnel connections in.

Then you run a remote capture tool on each remote node, and they send their packets back (preferably over wired ethernet or you'll see your own data, but it can be done purely wireless); they show up as normal interfaces, channels will be split across them, etc, and all the processing happens on the server.

Remote capture works well from standard linux and openwrt/lede; it's meant for either getting a lot more radios than is reasonable to fit in one system, or for running capture on super thin devices which don't have the RAM to run a full kismet normally.

The new remote code is very light weight (a few hundred k and a fixed memory profile), and doesn't need the C++ runtime.


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