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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet and OpenWRT
Date:19:10:49 14/09/2017

There is a howto for building for the pineaple tetra in the Kismet git repo under:

This could be fairly easily adapted to other openwrt platforms - this one is focused on the tetra only because that system has enough power and storage to easily fit all the C++ components that the kismet server needs.

There is also an openwrt package for JUST the remote capture utilities for the new kismet architecture - that's been most recently tested with LEDE since it's much more up to date than openwrt, but likely they should function with an openwrt build, too.

The new remote capture arch is designed to be much thinner and simpler, and needs much fewer resources on the capture device; it's gotten the MOST testing on the pineapple tetra (the wifi cactus at defcon used the tetra and remote kismet capture code), but I run it on a number of LEDE devices for testing as well as some bigger devices (rpi0w with USB wifi cards).

The remote capture could feed a Kismet server running on linux or, recently, on OSX - a howto for building there is in the git repo howto docs directory too; it's not currently possible to do native capture on OSX but the server can host remote captures.

Both those solutions require the new git version of kismet, and won't interoperate with the older code, unfortunately.

There's no good solution for the older code - the new system is close enough to release that it's unlikely that I'll have time to go back and try to fix weirdness with the old code, so many things have already been fixed in the new code it wouldn't be a great use of time unfortunately.

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