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Posted by:jferguson75
Subject:Kismet and OpenWRT
Date:18:26:32 14/09/2017

I've combed the internet but I haven't been able to find anything that would help so I'm doing my own post.

I'm currently running OpenWRT v. 15.05-rc3 on an Ubiquiti Rocket M2 and everything is running really well. I've installed the version of Kismet that comes in the packet manager which is version 2013-03-R1b1. The chipset is an ar71xx.

Kismet-server runs without any errors on the Rocket. It creates the vap in monitor mode and nothing complains other than warning that wpa_supplicant could be a problem. When I run kismet-client I get nothing. I connected to it via TCP on port 2501 and when I enable Client or SSID or BSSID I again get nothing.

As a sanity check I installed aircrack-ng and ran airmon-ng and I can see all of the APs and clients that I would expect to see. I also ran tcpdump on wlan0mon while kismet-server was running and opened it up in wireshark and I again see many APs and clients.

So my question is, is there a known problem with this version of kismet-server or is there another issue with my platform? Does anyone have any suggestions to try? I really would like to use Kismet for monitoring around a large facility because the communications are already built in and it's perfect for that kind of thing, but I need to get it to work first.

Any help would be huge. Thanks!

Josh Ferguson

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