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Posted by:ThsIsUs
Subject:Kismet accuracy
Date:14:40:01 06/04/2017


We have configured our Raspberry Pi (+ Wifi TP-Link TL-WN722N dongle) with Kismet like this :

# ncsource=interface:options
# for example:
# ncsource=wifi0:type=madwifi
# ncsource=wlan0:name=intel,hop=false,channel=11

# Comma-separated list of sources to enable. This is only needed if you defined
# multiple sources and only want to enable some of them. By default, all defined
# sources are enabled.
# For example, if sources with name=prismsource and name=ciscosource are defined,
# and you only want to enable those two:
# enablesources=prismsource,ciscosource

# Control which channels we like to spend more time on. By default, the list
# of channels is pulled from the driver automatically. By setting preferred channels,
# if they are present in the channel list, they'll be set with a timing delay so that
# more time is spent on them. Since 1, 6, 11 are the common default channels, it makes
# sense to spend more time monitoring them.
# For finer control, see further down in the config for the channellist= directives.

# How many channels per second do we hop? (1-10)

But we are looking for more accuracy from Kismet : we want that Kismet does more logs for one Wifi device.
Actually, for one device, we have informations approximately every 10-15 minutes.

Can we have info for every minutes ? If yes, how to achieves this ?

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