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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Initial Setup on Fedora 25
Date:13:21:23 03/04/2017

> Thanks for your note. You're right that Fedora's default mode for SELinux is "Enforcing." Tomorrow I'll change that to 'Permissive' just long enough to see if that lets me start kismet_capture. If it does, then at least we'll know where the problem is, and I can look at changing the policy. One step at a time...

If it's a policy file & you come up with a working one, let me know and I'll happily merge it in.

Otherwise I'll get a fedora VM running sometime before the next major release and see if I can figure out how to make it happy.

Under the new model in kismet-git, datasources will operate similarly - every capture will be it's own binary, suid-root if necessary, group-exec, communicating over IPC with the kismet server; the new cap binaries will be even simpler than the current kismet_capture model so that should reduce the attack surface, but the general exec model will be the same so any work on a policy should be fairly easily translateable.

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