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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Shortcuts ("h" etc) don't work with Kail
Date:12:49:13 28/03/2017

> Hi All,
> I have installed Kali Linux and updated all packages. I still have a strange problem, that I can't use any shortcuts like "h" key for help. I can only use the menu with "~" key and the tab key. So at the moment I have to use menu for any action.

The menu interface replaces the quick-keys because plugins had to be able to add new keys; the menu is the only way to do it. You can use menu hotkeys - the highlighted/underlined letter, so it's only two buttons to access a menu function, but the single-key stuff is long gone (since about 2007).

The ncurses interface is being supplanted with a much more functional web-based interface in the newest git code, as well, again mostly driven by the need to allow plugins to render more complex information.

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