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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Raspberry Pi Zero W
Date:21:24:30 19/03/2017

> > Had anyone already installed Kismet on the raspberry PI Zero, and now with the new model we have WiFi and Bluetooth on board.
> > It would make it a nice small gadget to take with you.
> Typically the embedded wifi chipsets don't support monitor mode, unfortunately.
> If there's a way to get it working on the pi0w then it should be possible to run kismet on it, but I don't know if the wifi can support it.

I have no idea if the 0W has the same chipset as the 3, but this might manage it:

Depending on your use case it may not really be worth the effort; the onboard chipsets aren't amazing. On the other hand, as a simple 2.4ghz remote capture node a 0W isn't the worst thing.

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