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Posted by:Elhanan
Subject:channel hopping for minutes interval?
Date:16:42:23 01/03/2017

> >
> > transmitter was on channel 1 but was 1 meter from receiver
> Well, the receiver was on 9 (confirmed by the rtap header fragment in what you pasted) and it's certainly plausible, especially at legacy 1mbit encoding (which pretty much anything you inject yourself will be at) that it would span at that range.

so here's the thing , i thought about doing this script
while true; do iwconfig wlan1mon | grep Frequ | awk '{print system("date +%H:%M:%S|tr -d \"\n\"") " " $1 " " $5 }'; sleep 1; done

that would poll each second, and get the frequency, it seemed to work if i configured kismet for one channel, but when i configured it for 2 channels with channel dwell of 30 , the it kept hopping between channels every few seconds (and not 30)

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