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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:channel hopping for minutes interval?
Date:16:55:23 21/02/2017

> here's the thing i've configured kismet to stay on channel 9 where it should not get a message from a wifi device, in order to test the hopping and dell, but the problem i'm still getting message:
> 16:29:44.975613 1.0 Mb/s 2452 MHz 11b -45dB signal antenna 1 0us 01:0c:cc:00:00:00 (oui Unknown) SNA > 00:0c:cc:71:70:14 (oui Unknown) STP Information, send seq 0, rcv seq 32, Flags [Final], length 1

That packet indicates you're on channel 9 in the rtap headers: 2452 mhz is the receive frequency of the radio.

2.4 has SIGNIFICANT overlap in channels - if your transmitter is anywhere physically close to your receiver you're likely to see it on ALL 2.4ghz channels, and even at a distance you're likely to see it at least 3 channels away if not more.


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