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Posted by:birukun
Subject:Kismet on Rasperry PI 3
Date:18:12:58 11/02/2017

> > Does Kismet work with the embedded wlan0 on Raspberry PI 3?
> >
> Generally the embedded wifi chipsets and firmware can't support monitor mode; I don't know if the rpi3 one does or not - if it does, Kismet will work with it (though it might take a little tweaking); I wouldn't hold out too much hope though.

I have been experimenting with Pi2/Pi3 and Kismet - the internal adapter on Pi3 is a no-go as it does not support monitor mode. The part they use contains the Bluetooth and WiFi functions.

The other downfall is no external antenna capability.

I have posted build instructions and the adapters I have found that work OK with a mobile Pi-based wardriving rig. teambsf dot com

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