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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Setup Kismet
Date:20:26:47 18/01/2017

> Hi,
> I'm going crazy thing to get Kismet to work. I'm new to Linux but getting their slowly.
> I'm running Win 10 Host with virtual box running Ubuntu.
> I have followed the config tutorial, read me file youtube videos but the bam thing will no work. It docent help that the kismet.conf file is different from the one on the config page. i can't get my it to see any networks can any one please please help me out.
> thank you in advance

The *only* thing it could *maybe* work with is a USB nic doing passthrough - and I have no idea if win10 and virtualbox can do a usable passthrough on USB.

Your best bet is to dual-boot a livecd like Pentoo

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