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Posted by:riforifo
Subject:using Kismet with Wilink 8 wifi chips?
Date:16:16:30 09/01/2017


Thanks a lot for your answer. I'll look into support for monitor mode.

Can you then advice me a hardware platform that will run smoothly with Kismet? Since I would like to use the project in a mobile way, it would help if the platform is an embedded one.

I see that people are using rasperry pi 3, any other alternatives that you would suggest would be much appreciated :)


> > Hello,
> >
> > I am planning to build a Wifi Scanner with Beaglebone Green Wireless.
> >
> >
> >
> > This board runs ubuntu and has a Wilink 8 wifi chip on it.
> >
> > Does Kismet work with Wilink 8 wifi chips from TI?
> > I would be happy if you can share your thoughts about this?
> Comes down to - does it support monitor mode?
> Most embedded wifi chips do not.
> If the firmware and driver support monitor, Kismet should run on it, depending on how standard the driver interface is.
> -m

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