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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet doesn't recognize ath10k_pci
Date:19:24:08 06/01/2017

> > This definitely means something downed the interface, but the rest of the message is just a best guess - *something* did a link down on the interface, that much is definite. It could be dhcp, network manager, some other network management tool, etc.
> This actually ended up being the issue. I had to stop NetworkManager (sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager). Other guides I had read mentioned killing dhcpd and/or dhcpclient directly, so I assumed that was all that should be needed. Unfortunately, when I tried to start NetworkManager again, something went wrong and wireless didn't come back up. I had to reboot, but that is obviously something else I can look into.

Ah there you go.

Hm, if service start networkmanager doesn't do it, you could try manually deleting the monitor interface then trying - iw dev wpls3mon del or similar (whatever your interface is) and then start nm; it shouldn't care though.

> > I find the ath9k to be a MUCH more stable card to use and prefer it in almost all situations - if you can get one of the ath9k 3x3 cards that's even better. You lose 802.11ac, but I've yet to see useful 11ac data capture from anything.
> Given all of the ath10k issues, do you have a recommended USB adapter? I can certainly swap out the card, but since I'm only really playing with this for hobbyist reasons (and because it's been a while since I've looked at wireless tools), it would be nice to do something less invasive. Plus, it would be great to stay connected to a network for accessing documentation while also having a card in monitor mode, so having a second wireless adapter would be a win anyways.

Most of the USB stuff is pretty crap too unfortunately; your best bets at seeing actual data frames are the pci cards, of those the 9k is best but the 10k will see SOME data, but it'll also see a ton of garbage.

A 2x2 9k is about $20 on amazon if you're so inclined; it's fortunately not a big investment, other than the effort of pulling apart your system (and if it's just your laptop that came with a 10k, maybe not worth the effort).

> That is really cool, I may play with that anyways. I didn't realize you were working on a web UI/REST interface, that would definitely be fun to play with.

Lots of good stuff in git master, and it's pretty well documented, too - all the rest endpoints have docs (in docs/dev/), there's a functioning (but not complete) webui packaged in there already, and rest_examples/ has a bunch of python code for interfacing with the rest api cleanly.

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