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Posted by:marsthrax
Subject:Kismet doesn't recognize ath10k_pci
Date:17:02:39 06/01/2017

> This definitely means something downed the interface, but the rest of the message is just a best guess - *something* did a link down on the interface, that much is definite. It could be dhcp, network manager, some other network management tool, etc.

This actually ended up being the issue. I had to stop NetworkManager (sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager). Other guides I had read mentioned killing dhcpd and/or dhcpclient directly, so I assumed that was all that should be needed. Unfortunately, when I tried to start NetworkManager again, something went wrong and wireless didn't come back up. I had to reboot, but that is obviously something else I can look into.

> I find the ath9k to be a MUCH more stable card to use and prefer it in almost all situations - if you can get one of the ath9k 3x3 cards that's even better. You lose 802.11ac, but I've yet to see useful 11ac data capture from anything.

Given all of the ath10k issues, do you have a recommended USB adapter? I can certainly swap out the card, but since I'm only really playing with this for hobbyist reasons (and because it's been a while since I've looked at wireless tools), it would be nice to do something less invasive. Plus, it would be great to stay connected to a network for accessing documentation while also having a card in monitor mode, so having a second wireless adapter would be a win anyways.

> If you're feeling particularly daring, I'd suggest checking out the master branch of git and building kismet from that; this has the all new web ui, and a lot of work on processing packets from the ath10k weirdo broken stream; however it's heavily under development, may not work at any given time, and while pcap logging works fine, xml and text logging does not (however you get the REST interface which gives you live json access, so if you were scraping the XML you could get it that way just as easily or even more easily)

That is really cool, I may play with that anyways. I didn't realize you were working on a web UI/REST interface, that would definitely be fun to play with.

Thanks for the quick reply and all of the great information!

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