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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet + esp8266?
Date:18:51:23 31/12/2016

> > I don't think it will work very well as a streaming source, but i definitely have plans for it w/ the new kismet architecture I'm working on - I believe it should be capable of doing enough data gathering and processing to at least work as a remote sensing node w/ basic client and traffic reporting.
> >
> > With the new web interface in Kismet it should be pretty trivial to use REST queries to push the stats to Kismet at regular intervals; I've got plans, I just have to get some other code working first.
> Good to hear. Anything I could help with?

I'm still figuring out what form the final API will take - my current line of thinking is that the kismet side would implement a rest api which the esp can post a status object to, and the esp would run one of the monitor-capable firmwares and do basic ap and client counting, and data size counting - I'm hoping the esp can handle getting the bssid/client/frame type/size data and keeping a count of those, without getting too overwhelmed.

I imagine the smartest way to send the data to Kismet would be to just json encode it (rather than port msgpack to the esp) so I'd have to get the json encoder plumbed through to the webui and fix the general encoding stuff with accepting form posts.

As you can tell, some of the plan is still evolving :)

Feel free to swing by #kismet on freenode IRC, though I'm not always active if you hang around for a bit I'll see the ping.

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