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Posted by:alexz
Subject:AIRBUD Wireless Appliance update
Date:16:51:07 23/11/2016

We are doubly happy to bring you our first update with news on our production plans and an upgrade to the AIRBUD appliance.

We have been working diligently with our manufacturing partners to work out some mechanical bugs in the PCB. We expect to receive samples of our modified PCB within the next week or two and that will allow us to verify that we can proceed with production. We are still on schedule.

Our close ties to the manufacturer also brings us to more good news. All our supporters will get an upgrade to 4GB RAM for all AIRBUD rewards, including the bare board reward. This will help AIRBUD run faster and smoother for all your applications.

We appreciate your support and still expect to deliver your rewards on time.
Thank you for being an AIRBUD supporter. Please share our Kickstarter campaign with anyone you think may be interested.


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