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Posted by:taospartan
Subject:Log File Issues
Date:12:35:41 05/11/2016


I've install from source the newest version of kismet on a lite debian build on a rpi3.
I'm successfully starting and stopping a daemonised kismet-server using init.d, connecting to the server instance via a client, it shows kismet operating normally.
i've set a directory in the kismet.conf that the logfiles to be written too, this is working. Also i've set the writeinterval=60 which is updating the output files correctly every 60 secs; however the files updated are just the log files created upon the kismet startup, ive left the pi running now for 24+ hours yet all data is just being written to those first files, no new files are generated.

Ive read the documentation and cannot find anything related to the writeinterval setting. Looking at the log template it mentions incremental files and there is a setting for that.

So after that rather long winded prelude does a) is writeinterval meant to set when a new file is created using the date from the template settings? and b) what conditions have to be met in order for a file to be incremented?

many thanks for your time


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