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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Bug upgrading kismet with sudo
Date:03:16:02 04/11/2016

> Hi,
> I appreciate your quick response.
> I deny any meddling with kismet installation or anything else :-)
> I just installed it on ubuntu 16.04 by running sudo apt-get install kismet.
> Then I saw repeated errors on upgrading kismet.
> After some meddling around, it appears that somehow there is a file kismet/install-users with "Sergey" in it. I changed comment on my username, still on installation it is picking up this name. It is definitely strange behavior.
> But, package for Ubuntu is from 2013. Remove works fine. I will reinstall by donwloading from web site.

I believe it remembers the value you give it the first time, so a typo sometime in the past would stick with it.

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