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Posted by:davelister
Subject:ERROR: mode get ioctl failed 95:Operation not supported
Date:20:39:31 12/10/2016

I recently downloaded and install Kali 2.

I am trying to run kismet as preinstalled but I just run into the following error:

ERROR: mode get ioctl failed 95:Operation not supported
ERROR: Failed to get current wireless mode for interface 'wlan0mon', check your configuration and consult the Kismet README file

I am running as root. I have 3 common ALFA cards and this occurs for all three cards:

AWUS036N => uses the rtl8187l driver
AWUS036NH => uses the rt2800usb driver

I can run airmon-ng and successfully put all these cards into monitor mode.
I can also run airodump-ng and successfully monitor packets.

Hence I cannot see an issue with the drivers or cards.

I have attempted to edit the kismet.conf file but still cannot get this to work.

What should the correct ncsource statement look like for these cards?



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