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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Airbud crowdfunding
Date:15:52:40 05/10/2016


is what I mentioned on Twitter recently that I've been doing Kismet testing on. They're doing a crowdfunding campaign if anyone is interested (via the link above) & they sent me a test board to get Kismet running on ahead of time.

It's basically an embedded intel board with a whole bunch of radio expandability + USB; so far Kismet-git (and of course kismet-stable) run on it quite happily, still working on getting the first SDR-ish plugins working in the new Kismet code to put the USB to a proper test but not expecting any issues.

Seems like something the community would find interesting; the system I'm testing has 3 5ghz radios, a 2.4, and a dual-band AC; definitely plenty of room to get decent coverage depending on the band you care about.

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