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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Required terminal type ?
Date:18:43:49 06/09/2016

> Hello !
> I tried to ban and run kismet into a LXC-VM and I am
> partially successful - but: It looks (!!) unusable.
> This should express the view, it offers. Normally,
> if I run it, ther terminal type is an XTERM, this
> time its a VT320.
> I am on debian jessie (3.16.04 - no X).
> Is there a something what I can "define" for
> kismet or use another term (I would not know, how).
> A good tip would be really likely seen!

Anything that ncurses understands should be fine, but all actual testing happens under xterm or xterm-color. Make sure you have all the ncurses libs and terminal definitions installed, or switch your terminal type.


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