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Posted by:TtT
Subject:Pcap Capture not capturing corrupt files?
Date:11:42:47 01/09/2016

Hello Everyone,

I have the following problem or issue:

I am working with a modified version of Kismet Android PCAP Capture. I have set up a server, which sends UDP broadcast packets signed with a Magic Number sequence for identification.
On the capturing side I have set up an IP-Filter and afterwards I am checking for the Magic Number sequence. After I have idetified "my packets" I am veryfying the UDP CRC Checksum. This works perfectly, but the thing is, I haven't been able to capture a UDP packet which has been corrupted.

I have researched a bit and I'm kind of walking in the dark. It should be possible to monitor corrupt packets, but for some reasons my UDP packets just won't get corrupted. I have tried distancing myself from the sending source, having multiple other routers with a lot of traffic and all that stuff, but it still keeps monitoring intact packets and no corrupt ones.
Is it that uncommon to capture a corrupted UDP packet?

I hope someone has a similar issue.
Thank you for your support

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