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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Ham Mesh Channel Coverage
Date:01:45:18 15/08/2016

> Hi,
> In the ham community, directly before the 2.4 GHZ wifi channels 1-11, we can use channels -1 and -2 (2.397 and 2.402) for our Mesh systems. In the Kismet channellist, can I specify channels -1 and -2 or even the frequencies 2.397 and 2.402? Would that be determined by the specs of the Wireless Adapters?

Yeah that would be determined by the adapters, the firmware, the drivers, and the regulatory domain (more or less in that order).

Your best shot is with the ath9k series of PCI/PCI-E/MPCI-E cards, and tuning by frequency. I know zero_chaos was doing a bunch of experimentation with tuning them to non-standard channels, swing by #kismet on freenode IRC and drop him a ping and see if he knows anything about it.

Generally, I've seen the cards be far more flexible in the 4.9-5ghz range than in the 2.4.

If you can find a card that can tune below 2412 for normal operation, so long as it has usable drivers, it can probably tune below for monitor mode - and you can probably get there via setting the frequency instead of the channel in kismet (ie "channel" 2402 should get kismet to try a raw mhz set).

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