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Posted by:MaLeo
Subject:IDS Not Detecting Deauth Attack from aireplay-ng?
Date:16:24:35 02/06/2016

> Hi all,
> I have installed kismet on Ubuntu 15.10. The server and client start up fine and the gui displays the detected APs and client etc.
> The alert log also show alerts relating to BSS which might be spoofed so it the logging appears to be configured correctly. In the /etc/kismet/kismet.conf file the alert setting for deauth flood is set.
> alert=DEAUTHFLOOD,5/min,2/sec
> alert=DEAUTHCODEINVALID,5/min,1/sec
> When I run "aireplay-ng -0 10 -a <bssid> -c <client mac> wlan0" the client is deauthed but kismet does not detect the attack. I have tried "10","30","50" for the number of attempts to deauth the client and kismet does not raise any alert.
> What can I do to get kismet to detect aircrack deauth attakcs?
> thanks


Did you are able to solve this problem?
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