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Posted by:zer0day
Subject:Boot Raspi 3 running Raspbian Jessie straight to kismet client (no prompts)
Date:01:36:16 29/04/2016

> Are you booting directly into an xterm? if going into a windows manager, which one?
> Sorry I missed the part about the screen.
> If it is xterm, you should be able to add a startup script to whatever shell you are starting with, if it is bash, add some commands to .bashrc that wait a little bit for the daemonized version to start and get settled, then launch the kismet client. Ncurses will display the classic view.
> I don't have anything handy to compare or I would play with a similar setup. What screen are you using?
> PS - I need critical comments to any errors in my write ups for War Pi 2.0, I don't know if anyone had used it since they never leave comments LOL

I am currently exploring the application Terminator. Using commands...

terminator --profile pi --layout max --execute kismet

In the preferences in Terminator you can set some various settings such as Fullscreen. Setup a profile and a layout in the preferences. The "pi" and "max" in the command are just the names of the profile and layout I created. One thing I was tumped on was getting rid of the scrollbar, this is located in the layout under "Scrolling", it can be disabled. Executing this command in lxterminal launches Terminator with the desired results. I'm using a Raspi3 with Raspian, so lxterminal. Probably this weekend I'm going to incorporate this into a bash script and add it to init.d per your Warpi 2.0 tutorial and see how that works.

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