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Posted by:birukun
Subject:Boot Raspi 3 running Raspbian Jessie straight to kismet client (no prompts)
Date:23:55:04 28/04/2016

Are you booting directly into an xterm? if going into a windows manager, which one?
Sorry I missed the part about the screen.

If it is xterm, you should be able to add a startup script to whatever shell you are starting with, if it is bash, add some commands to .bashrc that wait a little bit for the daemonized version to start and get settled, then launch the kismet client. Ncurses will display the classic view.

I don't have anything handy to compare or I would play with a similar setup. What screen are you using?

PS - I need critical comments to any errors in my write ups for War Pi 2.0, I don't know if anyone had used it since they never leave comments LOL

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