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Posted by:zer0day
Subject:Boot Raspi 3 running Raspbian Jessie straight to kismet client (no prompts)
Date:13:01:50 28/04/2016

> I built a similar rig using Pi 2 and created an init script. My instructions are here:
> This allows for headless operation, and more control of kismet as a 'service'. My next goal is a switch to trigger a graceful shutdown if I am not near my computer to SSH in and shutdown.
> Let me know if this helps.

Thanks for replying. I have actually read WarPi 2.0 already, nice work. I actually already have Kismet daemonized. I have a 7" screen on my wardrive box, and I am wanting to auto boot up the Kismet client to a full screen un-decorated terminal and connect to the Kismet server already running, and do this without any prompts. So it will look like....

Putting a script in startup is not hard, but not sure how to script this to make it happen. Any input would be valued, thanks

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