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Posted by:zer0day
Subject:Boot Raspi 3 running Raspbian Jessie straight to kismet client (no prompts)
Date:02:07:23 24/04/2016

Raspberry Pi 3
(2)Alfa cards
GlobalSat Weatherproof BU-353 GPS
7" TFT screen

OS: Raspbian Jessie


I have Kismet and GPSD both installed, and Kismet_server and GPSD set to start at boot. I have already configured Kismet config for both wlan adapters and my GPS adapter. Also added suiduser=pi to the kismet.conf. Everything runs great, so all I have to type in terminal is "kismet" without the quotes and the kismet_client starts and asks if I want to start the server. How can I have kismet client start straight to the kismet client in a full screen terminal at boot?

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