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Posted by:khmann
Subject:Broken Kismet Versions
Date:04:50:30 04/04/2016

Cheers yourself. I have experienced this same failure with OpenWRT 15.05.1 and versions 2013-03-R1b as well as 2016-01-R1. Your resolution of version 2011-03-R2 is much appreciated!

I had noticed some weirdness where some adapters worked with Kismet but most only detect wlan type data frames but no wlan type mgt not at all; tcpdump shows frames are actually received fine. In the past I had seen that .pcapdump files were not always correct mgt frame lengths - seemed like they were rounded to even number length sometimes yield checksum failure. At least thats what it looked like in tcpdump...

maybe it is endian related? I am on ar71xx. Maybe OpenWRT libnl-tiny? Good luck!

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