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Posted by:Kismet247
Subject:Broken Kismet Versions
Date:21:41:32 04/03/2016

Hello Everyone.

Mike, I thought I'd give a heads up to some issues with Kismet drone I've encountered on my travels with particular reference to buffalo routers (WZR-HP-AG300H) using the Atheros AR9220 and AR9223 wifi chips.

I can't for the life of me figure out why The Kismet-2013-03-R1b drone, server and client pre-installed on Openwrt's Chaos Calmer, Barrier Breaker and Attitude Adjustment all seem to work incorrectly. (really sluggish at best) I thought it was me at first - am I missing something - or what!!

Answer, no. The 2013 drone on the Openwrt routers and the 2013 servers are not playing nice. (Mike pointed out there might be a problem with the drones in a previous post)

On Mikes advice I tried setting up a new openwrt build system and forcing it to compile the Jan 2016 version of Kismet, but this didn't work. Everything works on the router build, but the drone won't talk to the server even where they are of the same kismet versions.

The only way I got a positive result was to use an earlier version to configure and compile the openwrt build system with a 2011-03-r2 version of Kismet. This is (possibly in my opinion) the last working version of kismet where the drones will communicate with the server correctly. Maybe others can confirm or disagree.

Until Mike finds a fix for the drone issue. I'd recommend Kismet 'drone' users stick to all versions prior to and including 2011-03-R2 versions for drone installations and IDS's; anything newer potentially won't work.

It's hoped Mike will fix things up for 2016 R2.... :-)

Hope this helps


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