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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:nettracker->FetchTrackedNets() TCP Command
Date:14:11:45 29/02/2016

> Thanks for the info - v useful - I'll quit writing the REST api I'd started & I'll keep an eye on the branch. Happy to lend a hand to the development or testing if req.

It should make things a lot easier.

It's all in the public git under the nextgen-fields branch, there's documentation in the RESTAPI and SERIALIZATION files, and the start of a webui in the httpd_data dir.

To get the webui running you'll need to edit your kismet.conf to add the http directives (see the example one) and copy the files to it; make install will do so at some point but doesn't quite yet.

There's also some python examples, but msgpack works pretty much everywhere so it's pretty easy to get the objects.

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