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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet Gpsd problem
Date:23:03:23 27/02/2016

> Hello everybody!
> Im new to this and need your help!
> Basically im trying to create a map of my city with all wifi networks for statistics purpose related to a project and using kismet, gpsd and a python script to tether gps from my iphone 6.
> I updated everything by doing apt-get update and apt get upgrade then downloaded gpsd and gpsd-clients by apt-get install. Kismet was already installed. On my iphone i enabled usb tethering and connected my pc to it via usb. My internal ip on pc is this
> Then i downloaded the here and in terminal i run
> chmod 777
> and executed
> python

The beginning makes it look like you might not have it running at all - something is already on that port. Try setting it to another port in the python script and in kismet and see if that helps?

I'm not sure what that clone does - either it talks the old gpsd protocol, or json. Presumably it responds slightly weirdly to whichever version it talks, unfortunately gpsd hasn't been hugely stable with it's protocols, either.

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