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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:nettracker->FetchTrackedNets() TCP Command
Date:14:24:46 26/02/2016

> Hi,
> I've been hunting the source to see if there's a TCP command capability exposed to pull back all currently tracked networks (with client -> ap map) as per dump
> I've searched the kismet_client source and done a wireshark capture on its commands but it seems its just an internal object call.
> Just before I start writing my own processor - does anyone know if the FetchTrackedNets function is exposed through the TCP command interface?

All that code is about to die & make way for a new REST interface. You can see it in action in the nextgen-fields branch, you probably want to look at that.

It makes pulling the networks as simple as pulling an object over http and depacking.

It's in the nextgen-fields git, which is heavily under development & not yet complete but is where things are headed.

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