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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Save to CSV realtime
Date:14:21:51 26/02/2016

> Is it possible to have Kismet save data to a CSV in realtime - not delayed by 300 seconds or so?
> I'm trying to find the best way to instantly save data to a database in the cloud - and using the client service doesn't seen to be a proper way, but if I was able to read from a CSV file which Kismet would write to all the time I could upload data line by line...
> Other ideas are very much welcome.

Currently, no.

A major rewrite is underway in the nextgen-fields branch which enables REST endpoints, which will ultimately make it possible for you to fetch the XML live and then apply an XSLT to turn it into CSV if you want.

Keep an eye on git, it's not ready yet but progress is happening. Right now data structures are changing and the new kisxml isn't finalized, but it should enable what you want by the time it's done.

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