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Posted by:drdr
Subject:Spectools - latest version
Date:00:51:07 16/02/2016

On the spectools page, the latest version is:

On the downloads page, the latest version is:

The Debian latest version is:

I haven't seen a release notes file.
Are the differences listed on the download page, the differences since the 2011 releases? I don't know if there was anything in between?

I am having issues building it in Debian and am trying to figure out how much time it's worth getting it to work. I'm using it on a first gen Wi-Spy.

Is there any way to see the SSIDs yet?

I actually wanted to use the Wi-Spy on Android. I loaded up a non-root Linux distro, but without root, spectools loads, but can't find the hardware. I ended up using an old netbook with DebianDog. It works just fine here - I just wish it had the SSIDs.


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