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Posted by:YKismet
Subject:No data from Kismet server comming after a long period
Date:22:37:21 05/02/2016


I am using Kali Linux 2.0 in a ESXi 6.0 VM, with multiple USB Wi-Fi devices.

I was using Kismet 2013-03-R0 version from distro. Client stops running unexpectly after serverals hours running.

I have installed lastest Kismet 2016-01-R1 version.
Kismet client still stops running unexpectly after severals hours running.

When I try to launch again kimset_client, the console loop with the following messages:
Established connection with Kismet server 'localhost:2501'
Connected to Kismet server 'kali20'
Got configure event for client
No data from Kismet server in over 10 seconds, diconnecting",

kismet_server process is still alive.
Memory, cpu, seems to be stable at respectively 793Mo (10%) and 2%.
5Go free space left on / partition.
daemon still logs correctly.

News from the night:

Client managed to connect a few seconds this night, since I go 30 red and yellow blocks on the timeline). About half the length of the timeline.

Last statistics colleted from the client are:
Elaspsed: 74:36.31
Networks: 3502
Packets: 209400993

But client has lost again the connection to the server.

What can be done to better understand why the client stop collect data form the server after the server is running for a long period of time (more than 24h) and have a lot of networks ?

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