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Posted by:CoiLock
Subject:I get broken Pcapdumps when capturing on my raspberry pi
Date:18:48:33 22/12/2015


I have following problem:

When i let kismet run on my raspberry pi 2 on arch linux and try to open the pcapdumps after capturing, almost all frames are being tagged as malformed. Also it takes a pretty long time until all networks are displayed correctly and the SSIDs are decoded.
I believe this is a problem with kismet because i tried capturing with airodump from the aircrack-ng suite and didn't experienced the problem there. Also the SSIDs are displayed faster.
I used version Kismet-2013-03-R1b and also tried the latest git clone with no improvement.
I would like to leave the dumps here but they contain gps information in the ppi headers so i would like to send them personally via email.



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