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Posted by:ninjaman
Subject:no sound when using kismet
Date:13:04:56 18/12/2015


i have live usb of kali linux latest edition 32 bit for eee pc 1000h. i have tried to get the sound working on kismet. i heard that it can make a cool ping sound like a submarine. i have tried to get the sound working. i googled and found that in /etc/kismet is a file called kismet.conf in here is enablesound=false. i changed it to enablesound=true and it doesnt work. i have tried going into kismet/preferences/audio and check the enable sound box with no luck. the player used is "play".

1. how can i get the sound working? is sox required?
2. also, is there a good tutorial on how to use kismet? i mean a good detailed one for a beginner.



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