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Posted by:mabra
Subject:Understanding background:Why does kismet see my network ?
Date:03:42:10 11/12/2015

Hi !

Thanks for your reply !!

I have about 20 networks here, one is completely visible, several nodes inside with ip-address - I would like to warn them, but cannot identify them ...

From my network, only one host is visible with address - kismet sees, it is a WDS with two APs. One host - pyhsically directly connected to the kismet machine - is shown on the WLAN, although this machine itself has only a wired network. But the kismet machine, has a high number of sockets bount to*
so this machine can be seen on LAN.
I tried to isolate kismet to run unpriviledged, but failed - have too less knowledge to find (fast) how to do that.


> Do you see IP's for other networks as well?
> I believe Kismet, by default, will try to find client information such as IP/subnet.
> I've not seen that in a while since I'm only interested in AP's, it's turned off in the conf.

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