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Posted by:mabra
Subject:Understanding background:Why does kismet see my network ?
Date:04:36:44 07/12/2015

Hello !

I am using kismet on linux machine, just from time to time,
to see, what happens in the neighbourhood.

To my panic, kismet shows one of my ip-addresses, which
I do not understand.

The box, kismet is running on, has no configured WLAN IF,
just ksimet uses it. So kismet may just look into my LAN.

How can I see, if it sees this address over the air or from
the LAN - I do not know. Could probably someone explain ?

I am afraid, other see my internal addresses. I have two
APs (D-Link, DAP1353), which uses WPA2 and are configuted
in mixed mode: AP+WDS. There is also a second SSID for
guests, which is displayed to use WPA2-Personal - whatever
this might be. If I configure it, I always select WPA2.

Thanks so far,

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