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Posted by:pchristy
Subject:Spectools compile errors
Date:13:10:17 21/11/2015

System: Slackware64-current gcc-5.2.0

Having recently replaced my venerable laptop, I've installed the current version of Slackware64, but spectools now fails to compile with the following error:

spectool_gtk_channel.o: In function `spectool_channel_draw':
spectool_gtk_channel.c:(.text+0xd3a): undefined reference to `hsv_to_rgb'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Makefile:68: recipe for target 'spectool_gtk' failed
make: *** [spectool_gtk] Error 1

The only reference I've found to this error on Google is on the Debian mailing list, and unfortunately the solution offered there (passing -std=gnu89 to the compiler) doesn't work for me.

This error occurs on both the 2011-08-R1 and git downloads, and appears to be due to an incompatibility with newer versions of gcc.

Any chance of a fix or a work-around?



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