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Posted by:Slinky
Subject:Improvements (GPS, gpsxml, etc)
Date:00:18:00 11/11/2015

> > I happened to notice that in the .gpsxml files that it states the signal strength and all, however, it does not state the channel it was received on.

I would also like to see the received channel information included into the gpsxml.

Additionally I would like to see which source saw the packet in the gpsxml. I have a collector with multiple cards and I would appreciate the extra detail.

> You could use the GPS data in the PPI headers in the pcap, if you do ppi logging.

I've had a look at the PPI headers and cannot see the GPS data there. Which version do you use? Is this still current? AFAIK pcapng currently does not support gps information.

Thanks in advance.

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