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Posted by:sbtahirk
Subject:Kismet - logging to netxml, gaps in data
Date:09:36:49 03/09/2015


We have a set up using Open-Mesh devices ( running a version of Kismet available from the OpenWRT repository, kismet-server - 2010-07-R1-2.

Each node is running a single instance of kismet-server logging data locally to the device as an netxml file. This data is then uploaded to a remote server where it is processed by a custom application and inserted into an MSSQL database.

This process is fine however we have noted that the data capture stops working for a period of time:

* No data at all on Sunday's
* No data logged from 1300 hours Saturday
* No data logged from 1700 hours on Monday and Tuesday

This is consistent across all the devices that are configured to run Kismet Server. With regards to the devices, they are configured to run a monitor interface with a virtual VAP interface created by Kismet, scanning a single channel only (channel 5) due to a limitation with the Open-Mesh firmware (r481) and we have approximately 15 such devices configured in the same way.

I am looking to recommission one of the devices to use the OpenWRT firmeware and open up the ability to scan multiple channels however I am worried the above issue with data gaps will exist and until its resolved I cannot really proceed with this second approach.

I suspect its memory related possibly a leak of some kind (the devices do periodically stop/start the Kismet Server, recreate the monitor interface and start Kismet Server again).

Thanks in advance,


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